Will There Be a Season 5 of Manifest?

After its debut in 2018, Manifest quickly attained a cult following and fans are begging NBC for it to return.

Netflix recently made the decision to release Manifest season 4 part 2, likely the final episode, sometime during early 2023.

What happened in season 4?

Manifest is a supernatural drama about the passengers and crew of a plane that mysteriously reappears five years after going missing. Over three seasons of this show, viewers have attempted to figure out what happened to it and why it ended up on an isolated island.

Season 4 kicked off on November 4, 2022 to much anticipation from its fans, who were eagerly awaiting what lay ahead. Netflix exclusively released part one, answering many of their queries while leaving many more unanswered, leaving many craving more details from what had come before.

Season 4 began with the Stone family realizing that their “callings” and omens about when they will die were actually clues for an imminent apocalypse, linked with an Omega Sapphire gem.

As the Stones gain knowledge of these gemstones, they learn that Angelina has stolen one and is now possessing it – giving her additional power over everyone she comes into contact with.

After discovering Angelina has taken possession of the Omega Sapphire, the Stones also learned that the Lifeboat wasn’t just intended for Flight 828 alone but for everyone around them – including them and their families from an imminent apocalypse.

Michaela Landon had an emotionally charged episode, as she continued her mourning process after losing her husband Zeke Landon. Unfortunately, Zeke did not survive to the end of season 3, but Michaela is hopeful that divine consciousness can help them communicate once again.

At the conclusion of season 4, we learned that Cal was the only hope for saving humanity from an impending apocalypse; unfortunately, his cancer had returned and made him even more prone to illness. Zeke ultimately sacrificed himself in order to save Cal and thereby prevent a more catastrophic end-of-world scenario; ultimately making sacrifice his goal in exchange for saving loved ones from imminent disaster.

Season 4 was still exciting and emotional for fans of Manifest, though. Not only was there the shocking conclusion to consider; other plotlines and characters played an integral part of its plotline as well – most significantly being the introduction of The Registry that would monitor Flight 828 passengers.

Will there be a season 5?

After the ending of Season 3 of Manifest, fans were left wondering whether there would be another season. Luckily, Netflix came through and saved it by renewing for Season 4. But will there be another?

Manifest was inspired by two popular psychology books – “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction.” These texts discuss how manifestation can bring your dreams to fruition; in fact, many have found these methods effective.

Some people use these techniques to manifest a better job, more money or an improved romantic relationship; however, these approaches have yet to be scientifically verified and may not work for everyone.

Tim Powell (Tim Moriarty), Michaela’s father, has also begun to witness the power of manifestation. He believes there must be something mystical behind the summonses experienced by Flight 828 passengers.

He believes it may even be contributing to some passengers turning into ash.

Unbeknownst to him, Vance’s wife Saanvi informs him she has been conducting extensive research on this trait in order to spread it or take away its effects from those already carrying it. She suggests devising ways for others to acquire this ability while eliminating it in existing carriers.

But after discovering Vance is infected, she receives a call from The Major who plans on weaponizing callings with her knowledge to dismantle those with them and create ways of silencing their abilities. Furthermore, The Major plans on keeping all her research contained within an ancient piece of wood used as testing.

As a result, she causes a rare earthquake to strike New York, engineering with Troy an explosion to give it the appearance that Mount Ararat came down from Mount Sinai and claimed a piece of Noah’s Ark from her.

Later, she and Eden dye their hair to disguise who they really are; when caught though, they’re locked up together in a room.

Ben and Grace follow a shared calling that leads them to a bridge over the Harlem River, where they meet Adrian who also had this call and rescue a kayaker in need of rescue.

Will there be a season 6?

Manifest is one of the most iconic series to ever grace Netflix and has amassed an international fan base that supports it passionately.

Last year’s cancellation by NBC left fans of Montego Air Flight 828 feeling disheartened and bereft. Their story still hadn’t concluded and left many hanging with unanswered questions and cliffhangers that left fans confused and bereft of answers.

Netflix announced their decision to renew Manifest for two final seasons and release all 10 episodes simultaneously beginning November 4th, the final installment will offer closure regarding Flight 828’s passengers and what happened after it took off.

Ben, Michaela, Grace and Evie dealt with the fallout from Angelina’s misuse of power by seizing control of Omega Sapphire – now an object with great political weight – from which she acquired it illegally.

In the second part of Season 6, The Stones will come to understand that their supernatural abilities aren’t unique and that there may be greater meaning behind all they’ve done in the world.

However, humanity has taken an unfavorable stance towards them; therefore they must fight or perish attempting.

There’s a chance we may see a new character appear in the second half of season four, though that remains uncertain. Garrett Wareing has reportedly signed on as TJ Morrison, an Air Flight 828 passenger who returns to help the Stone family with the Omega Sapphire.

Warner Bros TV recently announced they will not renew Manifest for a fifth season, likely based on ratings and production costs. We may never get to see him make his comeback though!

Those of you who enjoy this series should wait until November 2022 when the first half of season 4 part 2 hits Netflix; we will update this page once it becomes available so you can catch up with all of its story.

Will there be a season 7?

Netflix has created one of its most successful shows yet with the revival of Manifest, currently ranking number one on their streaming platform. After being cancelled by NBC, Manifest was revived on Netflix in 2018 after having been cancelled by them.

Follow a group of airplane passengers as they go missing on their return from New York City and discover they have been missing for five and a half years – but aren’t dead – due to supernatural abilities they never saw before that connect to a higher purpose within society.

Jeff Rake created this series and is now airing its final ten episodes on Netflix. The initial ten episodes have already been released and can be streamed globally.

Netflix recently confirmed that Manifest season 4 part 2 will debut on June 2, confirming what fans had been waiting to know: fans could finally watch part one back when it first premiered November 4, 2018 on Netflix!

In the early half of season 4, Grace, Olive, Lourdes, Jared, Steve and Bethany are coming to terms with their loss while Ben and Michaela try to understand what’s going on.

Saanvi, on the other hand, is searching for an intruder at her hospital. She soon discovers that someone has been passing Saanvi’s research onto Major.

Kathryn Fitz, US Army Major General. A psychological warfare specialist with thirty years’ experience. Later poisoned by Saanvi.

Angelina may have made enemies among her peers and worked against their best interests, yet she did have her redeeming qualities. She helped free Eden from captivity and stole a piece of Omega Sapphire – something which will play into season 5.

Regarding the rest of the cast, no word yet has been received as to a season 5 renewal of Manifest; however, no contractual ties remain after its renewal in June 2021.

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