Will There Be a Season 5 of In the Dark?

In the Dark is a crime drama about Murphy Mason, a blind woman living alone who finds herself facing difficult choices following Tyson’s murder.

This CW show may not be one of their most beloved series, but it is worth checking out. Will there be season 5?

The CW has canceled the show

In the Dark is a crime drama about Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), an outspoken blind woman who becomes involved with various crimes. While this show has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, its popularity among TV fans remains intact.

After its fourth season ended on June 6, 2022, however, it was confirmed that In the Dark will not be renewed for a fifth season on The CW – this news came as a devastating blow to fans who have watched this show for so many years.

The CW is in the midst of some significant changes that have left it struggling financially. Warner Bros and Paramount, former majority owners of the network, sold it off earlier this year in order to make it profitable for the first time in its history.

Unfortunately, this decision has led to the cancellation of many shows on The CW – including In the Dark. Although In the Dark may not have had the same mainstream popularity as other series on The CW, new seasons of it found an audience after streaming on Netflix.

Fans who hoped that In the Dark would return after it was cancelled on The CW were taken aback when Netflix did not pick it up for another season of episodes. Fans had held out hope that Netflix would pick it up and continue with season five of In the Dark, yet their hopes have now been dashed.

The CW and Netflix previously had an agreement where all its shows would appear on Netflix shortly after first airing on The CW network. This deal expired at the beginning of 2019, though its continuation remains unclear under new management.

With The CW in transition and under new ownership, many shows are getting cancelled. According to reports, several popular series like Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell New Mexico Naomi 4400 may soon be gone forever.

As networks produce more shows for their own streaming platform, cancellation of shows that don’t generate enough viewership may become less necessary.

The CW has renewed the show

Fans of In the Dark were hopeful for season 5 after its series ended on a cliffhanger, however The CW announced today that they have cancelled it as well as several other shows over recent months.

Charmed, Dynasty, Legacies, Roswell New Mexico and In the Dark are among the canceled series on The CW during an era when mergers and potential sales were being discussed.

In the Dark is a crime drama about an blind woman named Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld). We follow her as she investigates the murder of one of her friends.

Pretzel, Perry Mattfeld’s golden retriever guide dog, has become one of the show’s most beloved characters, as both love each other deeply and spend much time together on set.

Murphy found herself mistreating Pretzel during certain scenes and felt terrible about it; after filming had ended she would drop to her knees to give him a hug to remind him how much he is loved.

Though this was an impressive gesture, it wasn’t enough to convince The CW to renew the series for another season, according to Deadline. They decided instead that they no longer believe it profitable and cancelled it instead.

Unfortunately, The CW was dissatisfied with In the Dark’s ratings and decided to cancel it, which is unfortunate considering how promising and enjoyable this show is.

If you haven’t seen In the Dark yet, now would be an excellent time to give it a shot! It is an engaging series with many redeeming qualities and unique aesthetics.

Notably, In the Dark has received generally positive reviews from critics and is an exciting new crime drama on The CW. If it can gain more fan support and remain popular among viewers then perhaps a fifth season could be renewed.

The CW has not renewed the show

Fans of In the Dark are saddened to learn that there won’t be a fifth season on The CW, though this is far from unique as other popular shows such as Dynasty, Batwoman Legacies Legends of Tomorrow have also been cancelled due to low ratings.

In the Dark was a crime drama about a blind woman named Murphy Mason who gradually transformed from being an indifferent receptionist into an alcohol-induced vigilante detective and drug front proprietor. Starring Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason were Brooke Markham, Morgan Krantz and Casey Deidrick – each playing their respective parts onscreen.

After an uneven debut season, the show quickly gained steam, earning positive reviews from critics as it gained fans and eventually becoming the highest-watched show on The CW for that particular year.

On June 6, 2022, In the Dark’s fourth and final season made its debut. We said our goodbyes to Murphy, her friends, and Max in this series’ final chapter.

Season 4 saw In the Dark come to a dramatic and controversial conclusion for Murphy and her journey. Although In the Dark had an average rating, its enormous following ensured it remained popular among viewers.

Though The CW has had an uneven year, they’ve still brought back several popular shows, such as All American: Homecoming, The Flash, Superman & Lois, Kung Fu, Riverdale Nancy Drew reboots as well as Jared Padalecki-based Walker: Independence reboot.

Another show that was renewed is a reboot of 4400, which tells the tale of people who mysteriously vanish for over 100 years and reappear with all memories wiped clean. This intriguing series could soon make its way onto Netflix as well.

The CW had a deal with Netflix that allowed all their shows to be added to the US streaming site eight days after their seasons ended, which helped make CW profitable despite having lower average viewing numbers than ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

The CW has not canceled the show

In the Dark is an American crime drama series featuring Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld). It debuted on The CW and currently airs Mondays at 9/8c.

Though In the Dark received strong critical acclaim, its ratings never approached those of other shows on The CW. Furthermore, its audience wasn’t as large compared to other series on their network – so The CW decided to cancel it after only four seasons.

According to Deadline, The CW decided not to renew In the Dark due to declining profit levels and instead is cutting shows that are no longer popular or do not have sufficient followings to support an extended run.

This decision by The CW follows an ongoing trend: they recently cancelled several shows, such as Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell New Mexico Naomi 4400 etc.

Since Nexstar Media Group sold it to Paramount and Warner Bros, The CW has undertaken an aggressive cost cutting initiative in order to remain profitable and remain on air. This means cutting costs wherever possible in order to stay viable.

As a result, the network has initiated the process of laying off workers. Furthermore, much of its programming portfolio – mostly low-rated and unprofitable material – has been removed.

As with anything, this has led to much contention for fans of various shows, who have lobbied hard for them to be renewed or sold elsewhere but were unsuccessful in doing so.

However, if In the Dark gains popularity on Netflix and has significant viewer ratings from Netflix viewers, then its fifth season might be picked up by another network for broadcast. If this occurs, only then could viewers from Netflix pick it up and move it over to their networks.

At least In the Dark isn’t The CW’s only cancelled show that has an uncertain future on Netflix; earlier this month they also cancelled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and Legacies.

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