Who Voices Thor in God of War Ragnarok?

Thor is one of the most iconic figures from Norse mythology, yet his brutal and bloodthirsty nature make him stand out among other heroes. Therefore it comes as no surprise to find him playing such an integral part in God of War Ragnarok.

The game features an outstanding cast of talented voice actors who will be familiar to fans of the franchise. Here are just a few:

Ryan Hurst

People familiar with the original God of War game will likely remember Ryan Hurst as Thor, one of the more memorable characters from that series. Now in God of War Ragnarok he joins other iconic characters who stand out.

Ryan Hurst is best known for his roles on numerous television series such as Sons of Anarchy and Desperation Road. Beginning his acting career in the early 1990s, Ryan also serves as producer and director.

He and Molly Cookson reside in Woodland Hills, California with two children between them.

His TV appearances include Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Patch Adams, Remember the Titans, King & Maxwell and Bates Motel.

Hurst has earned many credits and awards throughout his extensive acting career, including winning a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or Television Film for his role on Sons of Anarchy as well as winning the Los Angeles Theatre Backstage West Garland Award for best actor in comedy for his work in The Last Night of Ballyhoo.

Hurst will play an ex-con in the upcoming film Desperation Road, inspired by Michael Farris Smith’s novel of the same name.

Since 2015, this esteemed actor has been working on Desperation Road and earned himself a nomination at both Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and Golden Globe Awards for his supporting actor role in Desperation Road.

He’s a talented actor with a great sense of humor who made waves as one of the stars of Outsiders and Rango before appearing on The Walking Dead TV series.

Ryan Hurst has won numerous awards and gained widespread respect among his fans due to his acting abilities. Ryan Hurst is most well known for playing Opie Winston on FX’s Sons of Anarchy series.

Richard Schiff

God of War Ragnarok has become one of the most anticipated video games this year, and its voice cast has already been confirmed. Notable voices include Christopher Judge as Kratos and Sunny Suljic as Atreus from previous installments; in addition, Sony Santa Monica has included newcomers for Norse deities Odin and Thor.

Players have taken to loving the Norse God of War since its first game, so it was crucial that its cast delivered on fan expectations with regards to stoicism and power. The studio hired veteran actor Richard Schiff to voice Odin in this title – and his performance is absolutely spot-on!

After his success on The West Wing, Richard has amassed an extensive acting resume including movies like Man of Steel and Jurassic Park. Additionally, he is an accomplished director with various projects under his belt.

He possesses an affinity for portraying strong yet complex characters, and has appeared in a range of roles both on TV and film. He won an Emmy Award for his work in The West Wing; today, he continues directing on both stage and screen.

Since he had experience working on large real-world projects, he was generally comfortable tackling them head on; but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want to try something different; when given the chance of entering into video game roles he wanted to seize it.

Schiff was delighted to discover the cast for God of War Ragnarok was filled with such incredible talent; he knew this opportunity could provide an unforgettable experience, so he quickly accepted. While not expecting such a powerful character to portray, he knew it would be one he couldn’t miss out on.

His booming voice and intimidating presence were perfectly tailored to portraying the Norse god, so it came as no surprise when his performance left an indelible mark on fans. Some even took to social media to praise his work!

Adam J Harrington voices Brok and Sindri while Ben Prendergast voices Tyr. You’ll also encounter Laya DeLeon who portrays Angroda (an important dwarf character). Finally, Usman Ally voices Durlin; one of Kratos and Atreus’ potential allies in this storyline.

Danielle Bisutti

God of War boasts an outstanding cast of voice actors that give each character life – many returning from previous games while new voices bring this story to life.

Kratos, best known as a dual-blade god-killer from previous games, now plays an instrumental role in this story as father to a young son named Atreus. However, unlike previous versions, this version takes an approachable and humbler approach towards fatherhood that is evident from how he speaks to and interacts with Atreus and through their overall demeanor.

Christopher Judge brings Kratos to life through incredible line delivery in every scene in God of War Ragnarok as his voice actor for Kratos, one of many roles he held prior to playing the main protagonist. Christopher had an incredible theater career before taking up this challenging and rewarding role. His dedication is clear when you watch how he brings him alive!

Atreus was introduced as one of the main characters in the original game but here he takes on an entirely different personality. Where previously, this child would often get carried away with emotions and crude understanding of reality, now he has more of an aggressive presence that’s not afraid to speak up when necessary.

Sunny Suljic voices Atreus in God of War. A notable actor, Sunny has also appeared in movies like Mid90s and The House with a Clock in Its Walls as Tarby before joining Vince Vaughn for North Hollywood.

As part of his video game work, he voiced several prominent characters such as Patroclus in Hades and Fuse in Apex Legends – in addition to appearing as General Hux in other Star Wars films.

He was the perfect choice to portray Tyr in God of War Ragnarok, as his performance captures all the nuances and emotions associated with the role. Furthermore, his voice blends perfectly into the game’s overall design.

Toby Ziegler

God of War Ragnarok features an impressive cast of legendary characters that bring life and emotion to its storyline, so it’s crucial that players know who voices which roles. By knowing this information, they’ll be better able to appreciate its epic narrative.

Richard Schiff kicks off the voice cast for God of War Ragnarok as Odin, the Norse god of thunder and father to Thor. Although this marks his debut role in a video game, you might recognize him from other television shows or films!

Odin has often been depicted as the villain of games and movies alike; however, his inclusion in Ragnarok adds an entirely different dimension. No longer portrayed as just another powerful muscleman, Odin now more accurately represents the Norse pantheon as well.

He’s one of the game’s most intimidating and potent characters, offering both challenging combat opportunities throughout your campaign, as well as possible interaction during various side quests. You will come into direct conflict with him multiple times!

Deborah Ann Woll, who voices Faye in God of War Ragnarok, is another notable face in its cast. Known for her roles on Daredevil, The Punisher and Defenders (miniseries), as well as lending her voice for Jessica Hamby in True Blood; Deborah Ann Woll is no stranger to acting roles herself!

She stars as Lady Sif in Ragnarok and plays an essential part in Kratos and Atreus’ journey. Her voice-acting skills are extraordinary and her performance will give you goosebumps as you navigate its epic storyline.

She not only boasts roles in television and film, but also an impressive list of video game voice credits like Apex Legends and Assassin’s Creed; in addition, she made her PlayStation 3 sequel debut as part of Dark Souls 2.

God of War Ragnarok also features other voice actors such as Ryan Hurst as Thor, Janina Gavankar as Angroda, Laya DeLeon as Delilah, and Usman Ally as Durlin. All have extensive acting and video game experience that should serve them well in their roles.

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