Who Plays Eden in Stranger Things Season 4?

Audrey Holcomb made her Stranger Things debut as Suzie Bingham’s smart sister Eden in Season 4.

Eden made an immediate impact when she first appeared late in the series, making a great impression on fans and becoming an indispensable addition.

Audrey Holcomb

Are You One of Millions Who Binge Watched Stranger Things Season 4? Eden will surely have captured your interest during chapter six when she first made an appearance. Although she only appeared for two minutes of screen time, Eden easily won over fans through her acting skills and won them over quickly.

Audrey Holcomb hails from Atlanta, Georgia and has made several short films such as Musical Hearts, This Is Home, 3 Minutes and Junior Guards.

She is an emerging social media influencer with a loyal fan base, posting modelling images and acting career updates on Instagram as well as lifestyle images and vlogs on TikTok.

At first, it took her some time before landing any big roles – however, her popularity has since skyrocketed since landing the role of Eden on popular sci-fi series Stargate Universe.

Teen star Shayla Martin was born July 7, 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia and raised within a Christian household.

Paideia School and later The Company Acting Studio. She began acting professionally in 2015 but didn’t gain many opportunities until being cast as Eden on Stranger Things.

American Cherry will see her play Corinna Hoffman. With such an outstanding acting talent and career opportunities like this one in sight, we are confident her acting career will soon flourish.

Ysmael Delicana

Ysmael Delicana is an avid fan of fantasy TV shows, movies, comic books and RPG video games. Growing up watching superhero and sci-fi films gives him a deeper understanding of their magical elements than most. Additionally, he enjoys reading biographies of great individuals – whether fictional or real.

At Ateneo de Davao University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. While teaching was rewarding and enjoyable, being an academic writer seemed more like his calling than anything else.

One of his greatest contributions to science and technology was being the first in his class to introduce a high-definition television (HDTV). This allowed him to better demonstrate what students were missing in class.

Ysmael’s invention proved extremely versatile. Now he uses it to develop educational material for classroom use and instruct other educators how to implement his method with their own students – it certainly keeps their classes engaged and entertained!

Gabriella Pizzolo

Gabriella Pizzolo is an American actress, singer, and model best known for her role as Suzie in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Additionally, Gabriella made appearances in Matilda the Musical on Broadway, Fun Home with Joaquin Phoenix, and as Cricket on Butterbean’s Cafe – earning her recognition throughout.

She was born in Schenectady, New York on March 10, 2003 under the sign of Pisces. Now 18 years old, she resides with both parents and her younger sister in Upstate New York.

Backstage reports that she has appeared in several short film roles since 2015, including an appearance in the documentary Murder Calls and her most recent short film Colt 45. Additionally, this young actress is currently working on her feature film debut American Cherry.

As Suzie Bingham, Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo)’s girlfriend. When the gang took a trip to Salt Lake City in Utah to visit Suzie who is an expert hacker – she used her knowledge of computer coding to assist the Nina Project and lead them towards Eleven.

Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schramm), Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) and Argyle (Eduardo Franco) travel to Suzie’s house – an expert computer hacker. Although Suzie is in a long distance relationship, she still wants to support her friends by being present when needed. Suzie introduces them to Eden (Audrey Holcomb), another highly talented hacker – both quickly becoming part of their crew as she helps track the Nina Project.

Priah Ferguson

Priah Ferguson is an American actress best known for playing Erica Sinclair on Netflix’s Stranger Things. Her notable performance as Lucas’ younger sibling in season two cemented her place among one of the industry’s renowned young actors.

She has also appeared in several short films during her acting career and joined the Atlanta Film Society to work on honing her craft since 2015.

Born October 2006, Priah Ferguson hails from Atlanta, Georgia and was raised by John and Adjua Ferguson. An art enthusiast with a deep-seated passion for photography, her mother is a graphic designer while sister works at party decor retailers.

After years of hard work and searching, she finally made it big in 2017 when Netflix offered her the role of Erica Sinclair on Stranger Things. Her performance brought great acclaim and she continues to work on both series and other movies.

She only appeared briefly in season 4, yet still managed to gain many fans. Currently she is working on several projects and her next one with Marlon Wayans is set for release around Halloween.

Eden Bingham first appears in episode six of Stranger Things Season Four as one of Suzie Bingham’s multiple children and can be seen keeping an eye on her siblings. Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Jonathan Byers and Argyle then arrived at Eden’s house searching for NINA (Nina Ionni Napolitano). At that point they met Eden for the first time.

Cara Buono

Cara Buono, an American actress first seen in Harvey Fierstein’s play ‘Spookhouse’ at age 12, went on to appear in numerous hit television series like HBO crime drama ‘The Sopranos’, AMC drama ‘Mad Men’ and Netflix sci-fi horror series ‘Stranger Things’.

Her short film ‘Baggage’ premiered at the Edinburgh International Film festival and she is best known for playing Karen Wheeler on Stranger Things.

Since her debut on the show, she has experienced tremendous popularity and won multiple awards for her acting performances on Mad Men and Third Watch.

Season 4 volume 1, released May 27, 2022, features an updated Eden character arc to fit with the show’s evolving direction. She may still seem awkward around her peers but seems capable of making significant strides as she helps the boys solve clues and mysteries concerning the Upside Down.

Dusty remains the boisterous and charismatic soul of the original Stranger Things cast, providing energy and charm as part of his High School basketball team responsibilities while his double act with Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington remains one of its most charming aspects.

Victor Creel (played by horror icon Robert Englund) has an infamous past and has been blamed for the death of his own son. Though it remains unclear as to the source of Victor’s discordant behavior in this scene, it appears likely that Victor has had difficulty dealing with this aspect of his past and finding peace within himself.

Brett Gelman

Brett Gelman has appeared on multiple Adult Swim shows, such as Eagleheart and Pretend Time. Additionally, he had recurring roles on Bored to Death and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

American actor Nate Torrence is best known for his portrayal of Murray Bauman on Netflix’s cult hit Stranger Things. A former journalist and translator, Murray serves as an indispensable source of information on the show while being an eccentric but reliable source.

Murray played his character from seasons 2 and 4, as well as in production for season 5. As well as portraying an experienced conspiracy-theory expert, Murray also used his karate skills to ward off demogorgons in prison cells.

Even with his relatively minor role, the actor credits it as being life-altering experience. Working with a language coach to perfect his Russian accent and training with taekwondo masters for months beforehand to prepare for action scenes was invaluable training.

Gelman credits his castmates for encouraging him to try out new things, and in particular Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven on Netflix sci-fi show), for inspiring young actors as they mature and navigate the industry.

At the center of his acting career lies seeing his hard work pay off. Over the years, he has been fortunate to land roles on shows that have reached far beyond their initial expectations; these range from Fleabag to Stranger Things, among many others.

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