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Wednesday Addams, the protagonist of this TV show, is an attractive Gothic girl with psychic visions who lives at Nevermore Academy with her family.

Enid Sinclair

Enid Sinclair is one of the show’s most vibrant characters, known for her affinity for rainbows, candy-coated pop music, and all things bright and cheerful. Her personality stands in stark contrast with Wednesday Addams: gossiping on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram about love affairs or going dancing or on dates herself (something which Wednesday abhors). Enid is drawn to hearts and stuffed animals (everything Wednesday abhors).

Though most assume Enid is a quiet loner who prefers to keep her distance from others, her relationships show otherwise. She’s not afraid to express herself freely if that means hurting another’s feelings or taking a stand against something she finds unsettling.

Enid is not afraid to confront her family’s tragic history head on, making her one of the few Nevermore students more at ease with them than most of their counterparts. One memorable scene from Parent’s Weekend includes Enid meeting up with her mother for the first time ever.

However, she does have her fair share of flaws as a character. She doesn’t always see the best in her friends and doesn’t feel comfortable with emotional intimacy. Furthermore, she can sometimes be too manipulative toward them without giving them enough room to express themselves freely and communicate their concerns or feelings to her.

She doesn’t always make wise choices either; for instance, she spends an entire day flirting with Ajax (Georgie Farmer) without taking time to consider whether or not they are compatible, and refuses to complete her tutoring duties when assigned.

Enid is an inspiring character for viewers to root for; she is a good person who doesn’t take the easy way out. However, Wednesday’s love interests Xavier and Tyler tend to be more hostile, stalkerish, and unattractive than engaging.

Wednesday and Enid’s relationship is the one that stands out most among all of the romances in the show, thanks to how challenging each other and growing together is what keeps this friendship strong. Even though they differ considerably in personality and outlook, this works as an authentic friendship rather than romantically.

Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams may be the youngest of their siblings, but he’s no less cunning. Often co-conspirating with Wednesday in “Addams Family Values,” Pugsley often attempts to kill both Gomez and Morticia — sometimes developing romantic feelings for her as well as using her as cover in his evil plans. At times he even develops romantic feelings for Morticia– who is always ready to support his darker schemes!

Jimmy Workman played Pugsley during his era primarily through movies and television, although he did also feature in some feature films. Furthermore, he is an accomplished voice artist having voiced characters for multiple animated shows and movies.

Brody Smith of Vancouver portrayed Pugsley in the 1998 TV series, The New Addams Family. His portrayal resembles that seen in the film and remains as charming and endearing today as it did back then.

Though Wednesday doesn’t appear as frequently in the series as other characters do, she still makes an appearance from time to time. Though still young with a dark perspective on life, Wednesday has proven herself willing to open up to those around her and isn’t afraid of showing her emotions when needed. Though she occasionally displays moments of manic behavior, Wednesday remains a strong character who ultimately comes through for everyone involved.

Her dry wit and sharp intellect recall those of her mother, but it is clear she also possesses more human qualities. Even with her somewhat irritating personality, she still manages to find romance and is willing to put herself out there in search of true love.

Student of Nevermore Academy and werewolf, she is unapologetically intelligent 15-year-old with no fear or apology for being smart. However, her werewolf journey is anything but straightforward.

Enid is an energetic student at Nevermore Academy who exudes bright colors and school spirit. Though her goth-girl exterior can get her into trouble sometimes, her kind heart and keen wit make her an invaluable friend to Wednesday.

Tyler Addams

Hunter Doohan stars as Tyler Galpin, a barista who quickly forms a close bond with Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) in the new Netflix series Wednesday. Doohan has previously appeared in several shows like Truth Be Told and Schooled but this will mark his first time portraying one of her roles.

Tyler is an attractive human with light brown hair and green eyes. He sports a facial mole, is friendly toward others and often helps them out of sticky situations. Tyler works at an excellent barista and loves helping others overcome any hurdles to happiness they encounter in life.

Tyler had been close to his mother before she died of postpartum depression after giving birth. Since her passing, he has felt emotionally distant from people and finds it particularly awkward speaking about her.

Tyler struggled with self-esteem issues following the death of his mother. He was bullied in school and became troubled. To cope, Tyler attended boot camp to learn to distance himself from old habits and friends before eventually landing employment at Weathervane Cafe in Jericho.

At around 15 years old, he became involved with an incident between himself and another Nevermore student that was perceived as bullying, leading to him being sent to boot camp. Later he moved to Jericho where he found work at Weathervane Cafe; there he met Wednesday who began developing romantic feelings for him.

Doohan notes it was difficult to portray Wednesday’s surprise attraction to him as something contrary to either her Hyde powers or Laurel’s efforts at protecting her. Doohan believes it’s key for audiences to realize Wednesday is being led down a path by an outsider; her character’s arc revolves solely around manipulation by strangers.

Tyler becomes an evil monster when transformed into his Hyde form, possessing long claws and fanged teeth with fanged claws for hands, capable of killing people through mental manipulation alone. Tyler harbors an intense desire to seek revenge against the Addams family and Nevermore Academy he believes were responsible for his mother’s rejection; furthermore he’s keen on provocation with Wednesday, as well as creating trouble between Wednesday and Laurel; ultimately this leads him into helping Laurel with her plan and killing spree plans he volunteers help Laurel in helping with.

Xavier Addams

Xavier Thorpe, a student at Nevermore Academy with psychic powers that allow him to bring his paintings and drawings to life, has taken an interest in Wednesday Addams, an extremely popular girl at school who belongs to the Nightshade Society.

Xavier may appear glum, but his sensitive nature and impressive talents make up for that appearance. He can see psychic visions during his dreams, animating them through telekinesis. Unfortunately, these abilities also often lead to accidents or threats for himself and those around him.

When Xavier first meets Wednesday, she doesn’t take too kindly to him and rejects his friendship offer. This makes Xavier curious about her and she becomes his focus for further research; eventually deciding to become her friend and try and gain more closeness between the two of them.

As the show unfolds, Xavier gradually emerges as an invaluable ally to Wednesday Addams. He saves her from Crackstone who attempts to kill her with an arrow; even giving up his own health in order to defend her.

The series also introduces us to other students at Nevermore Academy, such as Barclay (Enid’s sister) who can breathe underwater and transform her legs into mermaid tails, Bianca (one of Enid’s cousins) is notable as she can manipulate others with her voice; Bianca is also considered an expert swordswoman at school and heads the Nightshade Society.

On the contrary, Xavier has an aura of sadness that might explain why fans dislike his pairing with Wednesday. Additionally, his strong sense of entitlement has resulted in many accusations throughout the series.

At the end of it all, Hyde is ultimately exonerated of all murder charges; his actions do not prove him as being part of the Hyde monster himself; rather he is wrongly accused through various pieces of evidence which are completely unrelated to him.

Even so, Wednesday remains open to venturing beyond her comfort zone and initiating a relationship if she can move past past trauma and find someone she connects with in the future.

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