Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You?

The Vampire Diaries on The CW is one of the most watched shows among teens. This supernatural series follows a teenage girl involved in an intense love triangle between two vampire brothers named Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

This show is packed with unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers guessing throughout, making for an incredible viewing experience they won’t soon forget! Fans are sure to take something away from this great production that they will not soon forget.


Damon (Paul Wesley) is one of the main antagonists in Vampire Diaries and has become well known for his sexualized, romantic behavior as well as showing some signs of compassion throughout his character arc on screen.

He began as an evil vampire who wanted to destroy Mystic Falls but later transformed into an unlikely hero who worked alongside Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore to defend Mystic Falls from attack. Initially in love with Elena, Stefan eventually married Elena himself as well.

He never managed to shake Katherine’s influence and remains stuck in his own thoughts. At one point when young, he attempted to force Katherine away by drinking witch herbs; later giving back the vervain necklace which he couldn’t remember how or when.

Damon faces the difficult decision of whether or not he wants to save Elena in the series finale and decides that saving her should take priority. He asks Elena whether she would have made the same choice had they met first – she replies that it may have altered their trajectory in life.

She then tells him she loves him, knowing he does as well, but wants to give him another chance. Afterward, she obtains a cure and takes it; soon thereafter her memories return.

After she is reunited with the brothers, she discovers that Bonnie has been using Sybil to use Stefan as leverage against Bonnie for his humanity regaining. She tells him she believes he killed his family but he refuses to believe her; thus allowing Bonnie take control of the Ascendant. However, later he learns Bonnie murdered both his sister and also another one responsible – something which leaves him distraught.


Stefan is an endearing guy who holds a terrible secret: He used to be a vampire, turning off his humanity for years until meeting Alexia Branson and discovering she is not one herself.

He has an unsavory past as a “ripper”, in which he illegally consumed blood of others without their consent, leading him to feel tremendous guilt over these acts, especially as some were more monstrous in nature than those carried out by Damon himself.

Stefan shows his loyalty and protectiveness towards Damon in season one by helping save him from an impending basement fire that threatens their house. This scene serves as a testament to Stefan’s protectiveness toward him as well as his brotherhood.

Throughout the show, he becomes very close to Elena and begins falling for her, eventually beginning a relationship.

When they come together, it’s evident that these two love each other deeply and reunite as brothers once more after such a long separation.

On screen, Damon is often depicted as kind and compassionate. But sometimes his emotions become uncontrollable and he can show his dark side; for instance, when Damon is threatened with burning alive in a fire he doesn’t hesitate to jump into it to save him – in addition to acting as moral guidance to many vampires in general and being an outstanding father figure who loves his family dearly.


Elena Gilbert (based on Elena Gilbert from the novels) is the main character in The Vampire Diaries television show and book series. She lives in Fells Church, Virginia with her close friend Bonnie McCullough.

This series chronicles the supernatural life of Fells Church and its residents – witches, doppelgangers and Original Vampires among them. Elena Gilbert plays an integral part of Fells Church as its protagonist with Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez as her best friends – she even used to date former vampire Matt Honeycutt! Alongside other characters of Fells Church we follow Elena on her adventures!

After her parents die in a car accident, Elena finds herself alone and orphaned. But then she meets Stefan Salvatore from school – instantly attracted to him, Elena finds comfort in his arms.

Elena was immediately intrigued when Stefan disclosed his vampire nature to her, learning of centuries-old vampire brothers Damon and Stefan who have been feuding since 1845.

Elena grows more assured over time despite initially harboring insecurities about herself. This marks an impressive transformation.

She enjoys an important relationship with both Aunt Judith and best friends Bonnie McCullough and Meredith; in particular she harbors deep affection for cousin Jeremy Gilbert whom she deeply adores.

She is both intelligent and empathetic, yet she harbors insecurities which define much of her character and stand her out amongst the other characters in The Vampire Diaries.


Bonnie was one of the most beloved characters on The Vampire Diaries. As Mystic Falls’ protector and sometimes self-sacrificing citizen, Bonnie earned immense admiration from fans long after her time on screen had come and gone. Today she remains beloved among them all.

Redhead with an exuberant personality from Scottish American descent. Introduced as Elena Gilbert’s best friend and known for possessing powerful psychic powers.

As the series unfolds, Bonnie gradually finds her own unique brand of magic and begins to become an increasingly powerful witch. As she gains confidence, she stops feeling inferior to Elena and becomes one of only a handful of characters with whom Damon forms an authentic connection.

Though she loves Jeremy deeply, she also becomes obsessed with killing vampires. In season four, an unknown vampire hunter named Connor arrives and reveals that his tattoos represent an opportunity to find the cure for vampirism.

After Connor is killed, Jeremy develops a “hunter’s mark”, signifying that he is part of The Five and that his urges for killing and murder reveal deep-seated pain that he cannot manage on his own.

In season six, she forms an unlikely bond with psychotic killer Kai. Utilizing her magic, she sends him back into life – only for him to return again thanks to Heretics, prompting her to make an ultimate sacrifice for Damon’s sake.

Bonnie’s death was an emotional blow for fans of the show, as she served as an integral member of the Other Side. Additionally, Bonnie experienced much grief through losing both of her parents as well as Stefan Salvatore’s murder and eventual demise.


Caroline is one of the central characters on The Vampire Diaries and she represents optimism, never showing signs of depression even when transformed into a vampire. Caroline has evolved significantly throughout the course of the show and continues to change as time progresses; she’s also very intelligent, never hesitates to stand up for herself when necessary and not afraid of speaking her mind when necessary.

She is a loving individual who always makes sure her children are content. She shows great appreciation to Pierre for all his hard work, as well as spending time with friends. Additionally, she’s very active, often attending aerobics class.

As a vampire, she has an astounding capacity for self-control; she never goes too crazy when using her new abilities. She doesn’t need anyone’s instruction to use them against people; instead, she uses her power for fun instead of harm.

Caroline is known for her lively personality and intelligence; she knows her way around computers and the internet, is an outstanding leader, loves helping others and is fiercely loyal to both family and friends. Caroline stands up against anyone trying to harm her.

Although she presents as having an upbeat disposition, she can have a short fuse at times. She’s especially jealous of Elena and does everything in her power to be the best possible companion for her.

She was an excellent character in The Vampire Diaries, yet never received the storyline she deserved. Instead of simply serving as plot device for other characters to use against her, she should have had more space and focus of her own to explore instead of becoming just another plot device for others to exploit.

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