When Does Season 5 of Virgin River Start?

“Virgin River” has garnered an enormous fan base since its debut four years ago, and Netflix is set to bring it back for another run.

Season 5 will soon be here! Patrick Sean Smith will return as showrunner after serving as such for seasons 1-4.

Season 5 Release Date

Virgin River has just been renewed for another season on Netflix! Based on Robyn Carr’s novels and set in a fictional town in northern California, the series will follow Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) a nurse practitioner and midwife from big city life as she relocates for work purposes to an idyllic small town setting in Northern California. In season five we follow Mel’s journey as she leaves her past behind to establish herself professionally there.

The fifth season is anticipated to premiere in July 2023; fans will likely have access to binge-watch the new episodes as they come out. Season 5 may pick up where Season 4 left off with Sue Tenney taking over as showrunner and her successor becoming known.

Patrick Sean Smith was recently named as the new showrunner of Virgin River. He succeeds Tenney who served in this capacity for all four seasons of production.

In Season 5, viewers can expect plenty of drama, romance and resolutions to plotlines that came to a head in Season 4. Charmaine’s pregnancy should become a focal point while Jack (Martin Henderson) faces personal struggles that need addressing as well.

Lizzie (Sara Dugdale) will also face an important medical situation with Danny being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease – a brain disorder causing progressive nerve cell degradation in the body – but is determined to live a good quality life despite it all, though finding love might prove challenging for him.

Now is an ideal time for Lizzie to decide whether or not she wants to pursue romantic feelings for Danny; and, perhaps more significantly, whether her feelings for Ricky need revisiting. There may also be the temptation of dating John “Preacher” Middleton from earlier in the series.

Not only will Annette O’Toole return as Hope McCrea, Alexandra Breckenridge will reprise Mel Monroe, Martin Henderson will play Jack Sheridan, Colin Lawrence will return as John “Preacher” Middleton, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts Roberts Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins Benjamin Hollingsworth will reprise Dan Brady Grayson Gurnsey Ricky, and Nicola Cavendish returns as Connie.

Season 5 Spoilers

Virgin River’s Season 4 concluded on a stunning cliffhanger that left fans reeling. But after being renewed for another installment, it seems the team are ready to push forward with Season 5.

The new season will feature the return of Jack (Alexandra Breckenridge), Mel (Martin Henderson), and Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), as well as other familiar characters like Preacher, Brady (Colin Lawrence), Hope (Annette O’Toole), Doc (Tim Matheson), and Paige (Zibby Allen). However, many questions still remain unanswered and it should prove an intriguing watch!

Jack and Mel are facing much tension as they attempt to discern who the biological father of their twin boys, who don’t belong to Charmaine, actually is. That will likely become one of the primary plot points for the series and we can’t wait to see how our cast manages it!

Denney (Ethan James), Doc’s grandson, will also be struggling with Huntington’s disease – a rare brain disorder that impacts parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Because of this illness, he doesn’t wish to pursue romantic relations with Lizzie; however, she’s made it clear they will get together in time.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Virgin River Season 3, now’s the time to get excited: we have good news: it will soon arrive. According to an interview with Alexandra Breckenridge, there will be 12 episodes this time around.

Virgin River’s fifth season will soon be arriving on Netflix; we’ll notify you as soon as it does!

Assuming Season 5 will pick up quickly after its conclusion in Season 4, as per its dramatic cliffhanger that saw June (Elisabeth Moss) and Nichole (Emily Rose Smith) board a train headed for Vancouver and Hawaii where Luke (O-T Fagbenle) had been arrested for murder, June will attempt to flee Gilead without the aid of Luke; we’ll all cheer her on as she strives for survival!

Season 5 Trailer

Virgin River has proven an enduring hit on Netflix. Boasting an international cast including Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe and Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan) as Jack Sheridan as Jack Sheridan; as well as Colin Lawrence (Colin Lawrence). the series has managed to enthrall viewers everywhere it has aired.

Unfortunately, it remains uncertain when Virgin River season 5 will be available on Netflix. According to What’s On Netflix, filming for this upcoming season had concluded sometime earlier in 2018.

The next season will likely pick up following the end of season 4, and will focus on various storylines; such as Charmaine giving birth and an unexpected development in her life that could cause major havoc.

One of the major storylines will be Charmaine’s discovery that her twin boys aren’t her biological children, which will cause tensions to arise between herself and Jack – this will affect not only their relationship but also that of all those within their extended family.

This may prove to be a pivotal turning point in their lives as it could prompt them to reconsider their relationship and consider moving on with new people – having an enormous effect on both friendships. Season 5 should offer us many unforgettable scenes where this dynamic plays out.

Martin Henderson recently shared an Instagram video showing him filming for Season 4. This footage indicates that this will hit streaming services early 2023.

Virgin River series on Netflix has become a hit, and is expected to remain so. Season 5 now has a new showrunner – Patrick Sean Smith is known for creating Greek and executive producing Chasing Life.

Smith takes over for former showrunner Sue Tenney, who had overseen seasons 1-4. Tenney left to pursue other projects, but Smith has worked with Netflix before and feels certain his approach to this show will deliver what’s required of it.

Season 5 Cast

Netflix is known for providing us with captivating shows that get our hearts racing, and Virgin River is no exception. The small-town drama features romantic tension, baby daddy drama and murder mysteries in one captivating package that fans adored so much they even nominated it for an Emmy Award in season 4 finale!

Alexandra Breckenridge stars as Mel Monroe, a nurse who relocates to Virgin River in Northern California following the death of her husband in a car accident. Unfortunately, however, her plans for a more tranquil existence quickly come a cropper.

As Virgin River has progressed, viewers have witnessed Mel’s relationship with bar owner Jack Sheridan, her budding friendship with Hope McCrea and their subsequent pregnancy and birth all play key roles in its drama – but what happens next could keep viewers guessing until season 5 hits shelves in 2023.

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge have offered fans a glimpse into what’s to come in season 5. On October 16, Martin posted a short video showing himself filming scenes alongside his co-star; this confirmed that season 5 would feature 12 episodes like previous seasons.

Patrick Sean Smith will replace Sue Tenney as showrunner in season 5, who had served since its inception. Smith, an experienced writer and executive producer who has previously worked on Supernatural, Chasing Life, and Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings among many others, brings significant leadership experience into this role.

Tim Matheson of Hart of Dixie and The West Wing fame portrays Doc Mullins, the town doctor. Although sometimes gruff, his love for Virgin River’s residents shines through; even if they seem uncaring at times.

Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady and Zibby Allen as Brie Sheridan have been cast members since season 1, known for their charming personalities and sweet friendship.

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