What is a Siren in Wednesday?

Wednesday marked the debut of Nevermore Academy from Netflix’s Addams Family series. Students attend this school that serves outcasts like werewolves, vampires and gorgons as well as smaller cliques like Scales (sirens).

Sirens are powerful water-dwelling Outcasts who can assume human form on land while possessing serpent-like tails when submersed in water. Sirens can be one of Nevermore’s most formidable inhabitants and may pose great danger.

Sirens are water-dwelling Outcasts

Sirens are an outcast group who reside at Nevermore Academy – the fictional school attended by Wednesday. These aquatic-dwelling creatures possessing powerful yet melodious voices are considered aquatic menaces by most.

Greek legend depicted them first, where they lured ancient seafarers to their deaths by singing captivating melodies. Though attractive, these creatures could also be dangerous; many times swimming into rocks to capture prey before eating it whole.

According to legend, sirens are part woman and part bird creatures with a tail like that of a mermaid that changes colors when submerged in water. Their powerful allure often tempts sailors towards disaster and they can be found all across the globe.

Wednesday’s academy students can be broken into several cliques based on their abilities, with Bianca Barclay leading one such clique: the Scales. She loves making snarky comments that keep others guessing; furthermore she has an intense crush on Xavier from another group called Fangs.

Contrary to other Outcasts at the academy, sirens don’t wear masks to hide their true identities. Instead, they appear as regular-looking humans but possess magical properties hidden within their voices – however, for safety’s sake they must stay out of water in order to keep their identities concealed.

Some sirens possess special voice amulets which allow them to control their voices and levitate objects with their voices, giving them greater power than those without. Unfortunately, those without amulets cannot swim or appear as mermaids.

Most sirens choose not to use their voices for evil, which reduces their power significantly. Those that choose otherwise can use their voices to stop people from harming each other or protect themselves against other creatures in the water.

There’s a reason they’re known as “Sirens.” They are notorious for their persuasiveness and ability to manipulate others; hypnotizing people into doing what they want so that they can secure what they desire without incurring extra costs.

Nevermore Academy is home to various Outcasts, with sirens being some of the most well-known. This group of water-dwelling Outcasts holds immense power and influence over those they encounter.

They have hypnotic powers

The new Netflix show Wednesday follows a young woman attending Nevermore Academy, an academy for outcasts and those with special powers like Hogwarts that helps these individuals learn to control them.

Many students at Nevermore possess unique powers they use to navigate life at school – from werewolves and vampires, shifters, and sirens.

Sirens are aquatic outcasts who possess powerful hypnotic capabilities. When swimming, their forms take the shape of mermaids; and their songs have the power to persuade others into fulfilling their wishes.

These hypnotic powers may be useful in Mind Control, but they also have the capacity to lull people into dangerous situations – thus prompting normal students and creatures in Nevermore to avoid them as much as possible.

Outcasts possess another ability that makes them stand out: manipulating their voices. Some sirens can make their voices so beautiful that listeners cannot resist hearing them again and again, while others use this power to make their voice sound stronger, convincing listeners to do as they say.

Sirens’ seductive voices are said to be effective at persuading others into doing what they want, even altering appearance or projecting visions of an idealized life for their listeners. Therefore, many students at Nevermore tend to avoid sirens in favor of hanging out with people with more altruistic personalities.

Bianca, an Outcast who was once known for being mermaid-like, is considered to be one of the strongest sirens at Nevermore School. Her mother used to also possess similar powers but these have faded over time as she’s become less influential; Bianca herself now acts as her own boss instead.

Her mother also wants to create a cult and use her seductive siren song to draw people in, providing another potential plot point in future seasons of the show.

At Nevermore, there are plenty of other Outcasts with powerful hypnotic abilities who make for some of the most important characters in this new series.

They have mermaid-like tails

Sirens are half-bird creatures found in the ocean. Known for captivating sailors and seducing them to their deaths, sirens can also transform into human forms when out of water.

Sirens have long been confused for mermaids, with many mistaking one for the other. Although both sirens and mermaids are half-fish creatures with distinct personalities and traits.

The main distinction between sirens and mermaids lies in how they are depicted: while sirens may be seen as beautiful creatures with sinister intentions, mermaids typically tend to be friendly and harmless creatures.

Mermaids can be found across cultures around the globe. In Chinese, Korean, and Japanese folklore they are known as Jiaoren Sinjike or Ningyo; while Germanic tradition refers to them as Melusine.

Sirens originated as hybrid creatures combining bird wings with female features. A fixture in Greek mythology, sirens became notorious for their seductive melodies which lured sailors to their deaths.

Medieval art began depicting them as upper human bodies with fish tails – eventually confusing them with mermaids – eventually becoming iconic and becoming used throughout Christian art during the Middle Ages.

Change may have come about as a result of writers and painters softening their perceptions of half-bird, half-female creatures in art and literature, blending them with elements from European legends, such as mythological sea creatures or Greek chthonic deities to create what we now refer to as the modern mermaid.

Sirens were initially depicted as half-bird and half-female for various reasons, such as representing them as creatures that combined parts from both birds and women; others believe their birdlike form added emphasis to their corruption and darkness.

Sirens were first mentioned in a tenth-century Byzantine encyclopedia of the ancient world as half-bird creatures (halfbird creatures).

Ancient stories refer to them as bird-women living on remote islands known as Anthemoessa; however, not always with feathers attached. Terracotta statues and coins show them with sparrow-like forms.

They have piercing blue eyes

Sirens are powerful beings who take on human form when on land but transform into aquatic beings as soon as they step into the water, emerging with tails like those found on mermaids and boasting blue eyes similar to fish eyes. They’re well known for their piercing blue eyes which reflect back upon themselves like mirrors reflecting sunlight onto water surfaces.

In the Netflix show Wednesday, sirens are one of the most prominent cliques at Nevermore Academy. Led by Queen Bee Bianca Barclay and their ability to sing with different pitches to affect people and animals differently; sometimes even other species. Sirens use this ability to manipulate other students – including Wednesday Addams (Hunter Doohan) into committing crimes through manipulation techniques.

Due to their immense power, sirens often use it for personal gain by manipulating others and taking advantage of them. Some wear trinkets that deflate the power of their songs such as Bianca’s amulet.

Contrary to popular perception, many sirens at Nevermore are actually charitable individuals. Some attempt to reduce their power of suggestion by wearing jewelry; however, this rarely works and often causes major issues within the school.

Nevermore’s sirens also include psychics; Wednesday falls into this category thanks to her mother’s abilities. Additionally, Xavier and Eugene can psychically control bees.

Nevermore psychics possess visions and other psychic abilities. Wednesday can see things she cannot touch physically; others, such as Xavier, can draw pictures and paint artworks.

They possess the unique ability to teleport, which is often utilized to cover vast distances. Furthermore, their excellent aquatic agility makes them perfect for water sports activities.

Their physical ability to move swiftly in the water comes from their webbed hands, which allow them to swim faster than usual and breathe underwater, providing even greater comfort while swimming.

Sirens have long been seen as strong and attractive women. Unfortunately, however, sirens also have a bad rep for being manipulative and taking advantage of others – this leads many sirens to avoid getting too close to people or other creatures who could exploit them for their own gain.

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