Is Jennifer Hudson Married?

Jennifer Hudson has established herself as an exceptional singer, actress and talk show host since first catching everyone’s eye during American Idol performances.

But she hasn’t tied the knot yet. Instead, she has been in a longterm relationship with David Otunga – whom she met while still an undergraduate student – for more than 10 years now.

Jennifer Hudson is a Single Mom

Jennifer Hudson is a single mother with one son whom she shares with former WWE star and ex-fiance David Otunga (which they split with after 10 years together in November 2017). Although their relationship was initially contentious, Hudson eventually released an emergency protective order she held against Otunga two weeks after their split.

Jennifer Hudson, as a single mother and music and acting professional, keeps herself extremely busy with both musical and acting projects. She has released multiple albums since starring in Cats. Additionally, she hosts her own talk show called “The Jennifer Hudson Show”.

She is currently dating rapper Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Common). They have been seen together at multiple public appearances together – most recently enjoying dinner at celebrity hotspot Nobu Malibu near Los Angeles.

Rumors swirling that Hudson and her co-star, Ashley Greene, may be romantically involved have persisted for some time; however, she has never publicly confirmed it. Still, both women enjoy an excellent friendship.

Hudson finds time for her son and friends when not working on music or acting projects; she even admitted she makes sure he feels special each time he sees her!

Hudson credits her adorable toddler as her “savior” during one of the darkest periods in her life – which involved losing both parents, as well as an uncle, brother and nephew in an attempted home invasion just a year before he arrived on earth.

Jennifer began dating rapper Common in 2022 after their breakup, as they were seen spending time together often throughout 2022 and 2023 and sparking romance rumors.

As Hudson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show Monday night, she revealed that her son has actually benefited greatly from having such an acclaimed mother. According to her, she assisted him in developing the ideal strategy to meet LeBron James.

Hudson remains firm in her belief in the significance of family and love. She maintains that there is no better way to teach children how to love than by being present in their lives.

She Has a Son

Jennifer Hudson is mother to 13-year-old David Otunga Jr, whom she celebrated by hosting an epic birthday bash for him and posting photos and videos from it on her Instagram feed as well as sending birthday wishes on his behalf.

Jennifer Hudson remains an open parent to her son despite being in a relationship with ex-fiance David Otunga, sharing adorable family moments on social media such as this sweet moment she shared while watching basketball with him and taking Instagram to wish rapper Common a Happy Birthday.

On March 26, it was her son’s birthday and together, mother and son took advantage of this family occasion by watching the Chicago Bulls take on Los Angeles at courtside together – laughing throughout.

It’s an emotional scene that illustrates even successful celebrity parents can face challenges when raising their children, such as Hudson dealing with her son having shared his mother’s full name.

But he is in awe of her talent and beauty, enjoying watching her perform while sharing in her success story.

Jennifer Hudson’s singing talents extend far beyond acting – having performed at both the Grammy Awards and with several chart-topping songs that she has recorded herself.

“Love You I Do” earned her an Oscar nomination and Grammy win in 2008.

Dolly Hudson wrote and performed her own song called “Love You Like a Brother,” which earned a Grammy nomination in 2011. Additionally, she has had many roles in movies and TV shows throughout her career as well.

In her movie The Son, she plays a mother who becomes depressed after losing her son at her high school reunion and neglects the other two. However, years later he returns living in his old neighborhood; police find him and bring him home, yet life in their new home may not be easy for them all.

She Has a Ex-Fiance

Jennifer Hudson has become one of only 17 individuals to earn the EGOT title – which stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards.

Dreamgirls, Hairspray Live!, and Broadway’s The Color Purple were among her many acting credits; in The Color Purple she played blues musician Shug Avery for whom she won a Grammy award as composer of its soundtrack.

Hudson and Otunga first met while competing on VH1’s reality show I Love New York 2. Within one year of meeting each other, they got engaged but it ended quickly after Hudson lost three family members in a home invasion attack.

In 2017, Hudson and Otunga announced they were splitting after 10 years of marriage, filing a court order against Otunga alleging physical and verbal abuse toward Hudson in the months preceding their split.

According to reports, they have been living apart for some time and share one son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. According to sources close to them, however, custody arrangements between former partners remain undetermined.

Hudson claimed she felt increasingly intimidated and threatened by her former fiance during their divorce proceedings, who she claims kept at least one gun in their house and threatened to shoot her, according to US Weekly.

At the time of their split, Hudson became “progressively depressed and withdrawn”. Additionally, Otunga used violence against her as she “physically pushed” her out of their master bedroom – an area they hadn’t shared for over six months prior to this altercation.

Otunga’s lawyers strongly refuted her accusations, calling them “false.” Additionally, Otunga was described as being a great father and felt the split was unnecessary; WWE star Otunga is expected to win custody and spend more time with their son.

Hudson ultimately managed to obtain a protective order and gain custody of their son, whom she now shares 50/50 custody with his former flame. Their son has grown into an outgoing and confident young adult.

She Has a Friend

Jennifer Hudson has found in one of her associates an admirer she can depend on and respect; in fact, the Oscar winner recently proved this loyalty with an endearing video clip showing their special relationship.

Walter Williams has known Jennifer Hudson since sixth grade. In fact, they even went on her prom date together! Together they appear regularly on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” and have become close over time; recently shared video footage showed how much they appreciate one another.

Jennifer donned her favorite black dress when filming this clip; when Walter saw it he immediately wanted to wear it too! And the actress gladly obliged!

Walter and Hudson enjoyed sharing an intimate moment together and even sang together! Walter serenaded Hudson with verses of Patti LaBelle’s classic hit song “You Are My Friend.”

Experienced singers both, they both possess amazing voices that are well respected within the music business. It was an absolute treat watching these two friends collaborate together as singers.

There is an important distinction between being friends and true friendship. Hudson recently discussed how close she is with both her mom and brother as well as being a huge admirer of Patti LaBelle, one of her close acquaintances.

On Wednesday, February 8, Jennifer Hudson interviewed Patti for her weekly talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show. During their conversation they addressed various topics from their friendship to Patti being an influence on Jennifer’s career and who should play her in a film adaptation of Patti.

If you missed their interview and performance, here is your chance to catch it now. This video offers a unique chance for viewers to witness two of the world’s most beloved singers uniting once more!

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