How Old Was Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Will Smith first made his acting debut on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and quickly went on to become one of Hollywood’s most beloved movie stars, appearing in hits such as Men in Black 2, Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Now 52-year-old actor and mogul Will Arnett is revisiting some of his Fresh Prince moments through a seven-minute video tribute for fans.

Lou Smith

Will Smith first became famous through his role on NBC sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where he played an older man than the character he portrayed at 17. This role helped propel him into fame; since then he has continued appearing in other roles over time.

Lou Smith, Will’s father, appeared briefly in one episode of the show as a full-time trucker who abandoned their family when Will was three or four years old.

But when Will’s uncle Phil (Marlon Wayans) asks Lou to visit Will, Lou uses this chance to reconnect with both Vy and Will – who had both left prison unfavorably before their release – by showing genuine interest in Will while saying he has changed as an individual; unfortunately he’s unable to convince Phil or Vy that Lou truly just wants to be a father figure for Will.

Lou may not seem like the obvious choice as a father figure, but his circumstances leave few other options open to him. Since being released from prison he’s struggled to find work in his local area – something Lou doubts will ever change.

He’s been living off of handouts from his former spouse for the last three years; additionally, he’s had to use other people’s credit cards in order to survive and has yet to purchase his own vehicle.

Though Lou is sad about leaving his family behind, he still has much to live for and hopes to make amends with Will by asking for his forgiveness for leaving them behind.

Lou informs Will and Vy of his violent past and of not being an ideal father. Additionally, he mentions raped an elderly woman but neither Will nor Vy believe him; thus they ask him not to tell them he was imprisoned.

Lou attempts to meet with his son but meets resistance from both his uncle and mother who are fearful he will reveal his past and harm them. After they decide to let him come visit though, they must face their fears.

Vy Smith

Will Smith first made his mark as one of the most celebrated actors of the 1990s with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, an immensely popular sitcom which ran for six seasons and cemented his place among Hollywood’s elite actors.

Vy Smith, Will’s mother, passed away peacefully at age 107 on October 21. Known for her long and distinguished musical career with Phil Spitalny all-girl orchestra Hour of Charm and Kit Kat Band jazz quartet on Broadway as well as studying under Billy Gladstone (snare drum virtuoso) she also wrote an article for Down Beat Magazine advocating women inclusion into big bands.

Attracting attention throughout New York City, she soon became a regular on both Radio City Music Hall and Ed Sullivan Show, making appearances in films such as When Johnny Comes Marching Home and Here Come the Co-Eds as well as becoming part of the NBC Symphony Orchestra. Later signing endorsement deals with Ludwig Drums and Zildjian Cymbal Company.

She enjoyed an impressive career as a concert pianist. She won numerous awards, such as one from the National Federation of Music Clubs; won the New York City Chamber Orchestra concerto competition; and performed with Juilliard jazz ensemble.

In the 1990s, she made several television appearances, such as ER and House, earning two Daytime Emmy awards for her roles on General Hospital.

Throughout her career, she also served as a singer-songwriter. Additionally, she recorded several albums as well as voiceovers for video games.

After The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, her acting career proved more secure. She appeared in numerous episodes of her own show as well as guest starring roles on shows like Young Sheldon and The Resident.

Janet Hubert as Vivian Banks: Hubert was the initial actress to portray Vivian Banks on The Fresh Prince for three seasons until leaving due to an argument with showrunners. Daphne Reid, wife of actor Tim Reid who has had long experience on The Fresh Prince was then brought in as her replacement.

Hilary Banks

Hilary Banks (Karyn Parsons), was an iconic fashion figure during the 1990s due to her impeccable color coordination wardrobe and self-confidence.

No matter her destination – red carpet events or shopping trips – she always looked put-together and fashionable. Additionally, she perfected power dressing – an art that showcases one’s confidence and strength through fashion – to show her true power and influence in society.

Hilary makes her dream of becoming a high-end culinary influencer come true in season two of Fresh Prince. To do so, she plans on producing a video that will feature on her website and give viewers a sample of what Hilary can cook.

While her mother, Monica, advises her to select an impressive recipe, she insists upon remaining true to herself and choosing her favorite breakfast dish instead.

The next day, she assembles her recipe and hosts a meal test with Haute Cuisine’s staff, while helping Ashley plan a fundraiser at their Bel-Air mansion.

Hilary enjoys spending her free time socializing with her friends and romanticizing Jazz. Additionally, Hilary helps her father set up social media presence for his record store.

After some years, she begins to feel her life is stagnating and begins questioning whether she really intends to stick around for the long haul.

She finds herself drawn back into school and learning skills that could help her secure employment. Recognizing the value of education, she enrolls in a business degree program.

Unfortunately, she fails to complete her program and drops out early from college, going on to have a child with one of its members and become involved with a gang.

Although she did eventually work as a makeup artist, it wasn’t something she enjoyed very much as there was too much pressure.

Recently, she spoke with VICE about her career. While she has had experience acting in both film and TV roles, her acting was overshadowed by the success of Fresh Prince.

Carlton Banks

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remains one of the most beloved comedies from the ’90s, and its fans remain committed to its legacy. That’s why its signature dance, Carlton Banks’s “It’s Not Unusual,” remains popular today.

Alfonso Ribeiro played the character Carlton Banks on the show, who was Will Smith’s preppy and conservative cousin. While his personality could sometimes be off-putting, fans quickly fell for his charming qualities and likeability.

Will was lucky to have his uncle as an incredible role model who taught him how to be an upstanding citizen. Additionally, Will found comfort knowing he had someone like his uncle as his protector – someone whose strong presence gave Will a sense of pride in himself.

As a youth, Carlton was more aggressive than Will and constantly seeking to impress his friends. Although initially, Carlton tried snobbishly fitting in with the upper class, eventually realizing that wealth wasn’t everything that mattered.

Will and Carlton’s relationship developed dramatically throughout the series, as his social climbing skills waned in favor of being an honest man and learning from Will’s experiences to become an engaging character for viewers.

No one should have been surprised when Will and his family formed such an instantaneous bond with the man from Philadelphia; both shared similar backgrounds. Born and raised in West Philly, he knew how to survive on the streets; something which will come in handy as Will transitions his new life in Bel-Air.

Will started off as quite arrogant and self-absorbed; over time he developed into a more caring character that became one of the show’s fan favorites. Additionally, his outspoken nature will become even more prominent in his new series.

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