How Many Deadpool Movies Are There?

Marvel fans wanted Deadpool to get his own movie for some time now, yet some were concerned it would fail due to his foul mouth and antihero status.

Deadpool is not only funny – he is also relatable and compassionate, so it should come as no surprise that the Merc With a Mouth is making such an impressionful mark worldwide.

Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool, one of the best-known characters in Marvel Universe. He uses both his intelligence and superpowers to fight evildoers with ease, earning him his renown among comic book readers worldwide.

Tim Miller takes this classic antihero and brings him into an R-rated action film for maximum sardonic fun, and the results are both funny and enjoyable.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick collaborated on Zombieland, where their scriptwriting styles clashed significantly; Reese’s writing tends to be quite unique, not always fitting well as narrative (particularly during the first half), yet somehow all works seamlessly together.

Deadpool is constantly surrounded by those he cares for in this film: his fiancee Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and their son Russell are featured, while Blind Al is also present as part of the narrative. However, Deadpool’s relationship with Vanessa ultimately drives much of its plotline forward.

At one point, they reunite when returning to the present in order to save it; unfortunately this time around they’re joined by an old adversary of Deadpool who wants him to kill Firefist so as to change history.

Colossus (Stephan Kapicic), Deadpool’s X-Men teammate who serves as his adversary and who often stands between them and him is another standout character in this movie. Not only is he entertaining to watch; he’s also something of a mystery character.

While Colossus may not be the greatest leader, he strives to keep Mercenary under his control and educate him about some of his powers. They eventually come together when mutants are kidnapped by an Inhuman group known as The Black Order.

Deadpool must also assist his son Russell who suffers from anger management issues that cause physical outbursts of aggression. Although this presents challenges, Deadpool always manages to find ways to help.

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool has been an enormously successful franchise, and now its next installment will hit theaters. Directed by David Leitch and set for release later this year.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson, commonly known by his nickname Deadpool, in this fictional universe known as the Marvel Universe. Rated R for some violent content and featuring bloody violence scenes.

The movie is great fun and definitely worth seeing if you enjoy Marvel superhero films. There are lots of funny jokes and an imaginative plot – but keep in mind it may not appeal to everyone.

This movie is a comic book black comedy, so expect plenty of witty one-liners and pop culture references, along with frequent breaks down of the fourth wall.

Deadpool is also an impressive action flick, boasting some impressive fight sequences and daredevil stunts to prove his mettle as the deadliest mutant out there. Though at times slow-paced, this film remains highly enjoyable and doesn’t shy away from going all out when necessary.

The cast is also fantastic; not just Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool but Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, T.J. Miller and Leslie Uggams make appearances too! Overall it’s one of the best X-Men-related sequels recently produced and truly enjoyable to watch.

As it’s impossible to pick just one scene or moment out of this film, it is very hard to pick my favorite scene or moment from this movie as everything about it is so impressive and well done. Action scenes are incredible while comedic moments make this an incredible film experience; yet what truly elevates this flick is its stellar acting performances.

This movie packs quite an impactful message and is extremely well-written. It makes an ideal follow-up to its predecessor and will find its place within Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This film will leave you laughing, crying and smiling by its conclusion. Though not perfect in every respect, there are certainly memorable scenes and scenes which stand out as some of the franchise’s finest moments.

Deadpool 3 (2019)

Although Deadpool remains one of the most divisive characters in comic books, he has managed to carve himself a niche audience through his distinctive brand of R-rated comedy. This formula works well in films as well, making Deadpool an invaluable addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Deadpool 2 proves he’s more than capable of team play. Colossus (Ed Skrein) attempts to appear like just another mild-mannered guy by asserting that they only fight for what’s right; when this claim was repeated by Deadpool he shot him in the head before telling Colossus “I’m not just another mild-mannered guy; I’m a murderer”.

Another highlight of Deadpool 2 is its expansion of the X-Men universe. Brianna Hildebrand stars as Negasonic Teenage Warhead (an unusual mutant with moodiness issues and mental illnesses). She helps Deadpool fight an unknown adversary but we still don’t know all her plans yet.

This film brings back together many members of the original movie cast, such as Zazie Beetz as Domino and Julian Dennison as Firefist; Morena Baccarin and Gina Carano reprise their roles as Vanessa Carlysle and Angel Dust respectively.

Deadpool 3 looks set to be an action-packed and unpredictable entry in its franchise, thanks to a fresh director at the helm and an all-star cast including Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who will help bring Wade Wilson and company to life on screen. Written by Wendy Molyneux & Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin with Ryan Reynolds playing Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick as Ryan’s mouth.

Shawn Levy, known for directing such hits as Free Guy and The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds, will helm this third film as well. That means it will likely follow the same R-rated style seen in these previous two movies that has proven so beloved among audiences worldwide.

Assuming all goes to plan, we could also see the Merc with a Mouth make an appearance in Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster “Secret Invasion”, and would mark his first appearance since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.

Deadpool 4 (2020)

Deadpool became an instantaneous sensation upon his 2016 debut. A mercenary who used his superpowers for both fighting and comedy purposes, this antihero also had an intimidating side he rarely showed off. Now, with his own film release due soon, he is back in the limelight once more!

Deadpool 3 has been in development for quite some time and production began recently under its new title: Deadpool 3. There have yet to be any official teasers or trailers released but Ryan Reynolds has mentioned that it will tell an entirely different tale than its predecessors.

Deadpool made waves at the box office with its debut, earning nearly $800 million at the global box office. Not only was it great fun for fans of Wade Wilson to see him again on screen but it was also an R-rated comedy with plenty of bloodshed and violence!

As Deadpool was such a beloved character in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans expected that there would be more Deadpool films in the future.

Rumors swirled that Cable would make an appearance in Deadpool 2. He made his first appearance towards the end of the original film; it remains to be seen how significant a role he will play in its sequel.

Ryan Reynolds confirmed his role as Cable in the new movie and Hugh Jackman has also joined as Wolverine.

Shawn Levy, best known for directing time travel movie ‘The Time Machine,’ will direct this project. Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux will co-write its script.

Levy has worked with Reynolds before – he directed him in The Time Machine and also assisted on Deadpool 2 when it was in production. Being both writer and director himself, it comes as no surprise that Levy will bring his knowledge of the X-Men universe to this project.

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