Collaborate With Us

The true story of a community comes from including many different perspectives.

WHO: Producers, local filmmakers and content creators interested in submitting their finished work.
WHAT: Completed works of original shows, films, and documentaries. 
WHY: Evolve content into a catalyst that opens the door for people to feel more deeply connected to each other and their communities. Together, we can curate a collective display of our region's creative talent and inspiring stories.
HOW: Submit your content below. All submitted content goes through a submission review before it's accepted.



Below are some of the commonly asked questions about what it means to syndicate your content on Nearu TV. 

How does it work?
Submissions are considered by a community advisory panel for syndication. Accepted content will then receive complimentary marketing via the channel, as well as a portion of subscription revenue. Please understand we cannot accept everything that is submitted. Once accepted, you have the right to ask us to remove it at any time if you ever change your mind.  

What type of content should be submitted? 
Share your video content that entertains, inspires, and makes us want to get out and explore our own backyards. We love stories about social impact, awareness, and solutions to issues affecting our community. Make us laugh, cry, and be grateful for our neighbors. 

We welcome a variety of video content that features local people, places, and stories, whether it’s a documentary, a series, a short, or a feature film. Local includes the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati regions. 

Quality standards include a minimum of 1080x920 HD resolution and clean audio. 

Does it cost me anything to submit?

Will I still own the rights to my content?
Yes, and you will be rightfully credited along with others who helped develop the content.

Do you require exclusivity?
No, you can share your content anywhere. We are another outlet for your talents to shine.

What’s in it for me?
Nearu TV provides a platform for you to stream your video content and make it available and accessible to your audience through a local platform genuinely interested in building connections. Your participation on the platform helps create a catalyst for our community. Your work shouldn’t be something people quickly forget about in the flood of content and social media scrolling. More than a streaming service, Nearu TV develops immersive events that invite people to drop their screens and be part of your content’s message in real life.

Can I make money?
50% of our net subscription revenue is divided amongst creators per minute viewed with an annual payment schedule. 

Who’s watching? 
While our content is focused on the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati regions, it is also streamed across the country, mainly from people who have historical ties and have since relocated. Your content helps to make them feel connected to a sense of place.

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